The Administration and Moderators shall reserve the right to impose any kind of punishment at their discretion for the following:
- Unreasoned criticism, said with disrespect to the Game creators.
- Public statements about quitting the Game.
- Obscene and insulting statements to the address of the Game creators.
- Statements that may cause negative consequences to the game process.
- And also any other actions violating the Agreement as well as the Game Rules and restriction, also any other actions that are negatively affecting the Game development.

The Users who have violated the Rules of the Game in the forum may be punished in the Game for the following:
- Defamation.
- Fraud.
- Statements made on behalf of the Administration.
- Distribution of harmful reference links, attempts to break up the game characters.
- Attempts to sell the game characters.
- Attempts to sell divisions.
- Sale of game things and artifacts for real money.
- Use of secondary characters (forum clones) to avoid restrictions in communication on the forum.
- Also for violation of other clauses of the Agreements and the Rules of the Game.

The time period of the punishment shall be determined at the discretion of the Administration and Moderators.

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